The Third Requiem

Ship Name: The Third Requiem
Class: Cruiser (4km long by 0.8km across at widest point)
Crew: between 80,000 and 90,000 max; currently holds about 40,000
Mass: approx. 28 megatonnes
Type: Inquisitorial Cruiser

The Third Requiem is a Cruiser-class Inquisitorial Cruiser that was stolen commandeered awarded to Inquisitor Varl Nuhren several decades ago. Despite its name it’s not actually his third ship; it’s closer to his seventh. As with most Inquisitorial Cruisers it has been upgraded with some of the better tech Mars has to offer and during its service Varl has seen fit to have several upgrades installed, including torpedo batteries and upgraded armour plating. It currently serves as his mobile base of operations.

As with most vessels of its size The Third Requiem houses many thousands of permanent support staff. It has fully-functioning medical wings, research laboratories, flight decks and prison wings just to name several of the more critical parts. It serves as a “hub” for his more favoured or useful Acolyte warbands – generally speaking they will be sent on missions on one of the smaller ships, or given a lift to their target by a merchant vessel, but for missions (or warbands) deemed important enough the Requiem will serve as a personal transport as well.

Personnel …placeholders, for now.

  • Captain Ersatz
  • Warp-Guide Church
  • Chief Astropath Simmons
  • Chief Chirugeon O’Malley
  • Master Gunner Sarge
  • Master of Arms Tucker
  • Master of Ordnance Caboose
  • Officer of the Watch Lopez
  • Ship’s Confessor Donut

Facilities & Zones

  • 4 × 20-bed medicae wings
  • 6 × 30-cell prison wings
  • 3 x laboratory areas
  • 2 x hangar bays (one for Void ships, aft starboard; one for atmospheric ships, midport), with associated repair zones and fueling stations
  • General crew living quarters (divided into areas for armsmen and voidsmen)
  • Inquisitorial crew living quarters (for Acolytes, researchers and the like)
  • Officer living quarters (for critical personnel and Varl)

Armaments & Defenses

  • Gun batteries
    • Disruption Macrocannon (prow) – for capturing ships intact. They fire “shells” of charged and ionized deuterium atoms that overload and shut down power transfer systems with minimum physical damage to the target ships.
    • Stygies-pattern Bombardment Cannons (hull) – for utterly destroying planet-based structures.
    • Torpedo batteries (aft port) – generally housing plasma warheads, occasionally melta warheads or boarding torpedoes
    • Lance batteries (foreport, forestarboard) – quad-arranged for maximum meltiness
  • Void Ships
    • 5 Starhawk bombers (bombers)
    • 2 × 15-ship squadrons of Fury Interceptors (dogfighting)
    • 2 x Pinnaces (stealthy boarding craft)
      *Atmospheric Ships
    • 4 × 10-ship squadrons of Lightning strike fighters (reconnaissance and interception)
    • 2 × 5-ship squadrons of Thunderbolt heavy fighters (dogfighting)
    • 3 x Aquila landers (personnel shuttle, used for high-profile entrances)
    • 5 x Arvua lighters (cargo transports, used for more subtle entrances)
  • Standard armoured prow, reinforced with adamantium
  • Void shields
  • Additional adamantium armour along hull, port and starboard regions

The Third Requiem

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