Cerix Magnus

Type: Forge World
Planetary Governor: Magos-Metallurgicus Auron, under Inquisitorial supervision
Population: 6 billion sentient beings
Geography: Arid, rocky terrain dotted with factories and processing plants. The planet’s surface is dotted with mines; the few areas that have not been turned into mines have been terraformed to best support the operations of the factories and plants. Uniquely, the capital “city” is the megafactory Lotus Alpha, which has expanded over the centuries from a medium-sized processing plant to a city-sized combined factory, processing plant and shipping dock where generations have lived and died without ever knowing that life existed outside of Lotus Alpha.
Major Exports: Solid projectile and bolter weaponry, ammunition, specialised servitor armaments and parts.

The forge world of Cerix Magnus is one of the Archiatus Sector’s most highly-regarded worlds, if mostly for the usefulness of its exports: weapons, ammunition and servitor parts. The servitor armaments and parts are perhaps the most sought-after such items in the sector as they are built specifically with the reduced intelligence and agility of their wielders in mind. Cerix Magnus weapons and ammunition are also known for their universal high quality – indeed, the forges pride themselves on the stringent quality standards they hold their products to.

Known Contacts, Gangs and Organisations

  • Magos-Metallurgicus Auron: a high-ranking member of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Currently “working with” local Inquisitorial presences after the near fall of his planet to a Khornate cult.
  • Tech-Priest Alphax: low-ranking security force member who assisted the warband on the planet. Has been relocated to the Third Requiem and granted a new role in the Ordo Malleus due to seeing too much.

Native Flora, Fauna and Notable Landmarks

New Traits, Qualities and Rules

  • Lotus Alpha-Made: can be applied to all PC cybernetic augmentations and implants with the exception of “organic” implants (such as Synthmuscle) and exceedingly rare items (such as Baleful Eyes), as well as all Solid Projectile and Bolter weapons and ammunition without the Exotic, Unique or Near-Unique qualities.
    • Augmentations and Implants: this trait improves the Quality of the implant by one grade without increasing its availability (i.e. a Poor Quality implant would instead be treated as Common Quality stat-wise but at its original availability). However, these implants are only readily accessible along the Grand Processional or at an Imperial Navy base in the Archiatus Sector.
    • Weapons and Ammunition: these items have been subject to stringent quality tests before being exported. Weapons without the Reliable quality gain it; weapons with the Reliable quality instead gain Proven (3). Ammunition has all numerical bonuses and penalties doubled.
  • Cerix Magnus-Pattern: can be applied to implants, weapons and parts for servitors, again with the exception of “organic” implants or exceedingly rare items.
    • Weapons: Cerix Magnus-Pattern servitor weapons are designed explicitly to minimise the known “issues” with most servitors – namely their limited combat ability. When wielded by a servitor, Cerix Magnus-Pattern weapons grant the servitor a +10 to the relevant combat skills (WS or BS); installed or implanted weapons grant a +15 instead. These bonuses only apply when using that weapon to attack or defend.
    • Implants and Parts: Cerix Magnus-Pattern servitor implants and parts are of exceptionally high quality and provide double their listed bonus when installed. The availability and quality, however, does not change.

Home World Bonus
Characters from Cerix Magnus follow the Forge World rules, but with the following new Home World bonus:
Made for Purpose: A character from Cerix Magnus has spent many years working within the world’s… unique… settings. If they already possess the Mechanicus Implants trait (i.e. Adeptus Mechanicus or Heretek background), they gain the Mechadendrite (Manipulator, Utility) and Ferric Lure Implants augmentations at the cost of suffering a -10 to any social interactions with those “of the flesh” (i.e. not Mechanicus, Heretek, from a Forge World or with strong ties to tech and machinery). If they do not possess the Mechanicus Implants trait (i.e. not Adeptus Mechanicus or Heretek) they instead gain a Good Quality bionic arm, a Calculus Logi Upgrade, an Interface Port and a Volitor Implant set up to “shut down” the character in the event they attempt to talk about the workings of Cerix Magnus. When triggered, the character is rendered unconscious for 1d5+5 rounds or 1 hour – (WPB x 2) minutes.

Cerix Magnus

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