The Sector itself

The Archatius Sector, like most Imperial-controlled sectors, is comprised of several sub-sectors and controlled (at least in theory) by the The Archatine Synod. Due to the presence of Pandaemonium permanent interstellar routes in and out of the system are limited; at any given time a full half may be unusable. As a result almost ninety percent of interstellar traffic opts to enter the system using the Synod-recommended Golden Path, which opens directly to the system’s major space-port Xervus Primus (which is in geostationary orbit around Daedalus) and is scant hours away from the sector capital of Helios. From here, ships have access to the in-system Grand Processional, which is a relatively stable warp-route linking Helios to the other major planets in the sector. Further planets can be accessed from branching routes off the Grand Processional, but generally speaking, relatively few visitors from outside the system have reason to travel that far from the Grand Processional. The branching routes are most frequently used by merchants, trade ships, system pirates and Rogue Traders.

Planets on the Grand Processional

  • Helios – Sector Capital, Garden World and home of the Archatine Synod
  • Daedalus – Hive World, geostationary anchor for Xervus Primus
  • Hrax – Feral World, now Daemon/Necron World, ex-provider of Hrax Bloodknives
  • Cerix Magnus – Forge World, major sector supplier of weaponry and parts
  • Eskaru – Agri-World, major sector supplier of food
  • Johainas’ra – Feudal World, supplier of the Knights Who Say Johai Nas’ra Mounted Cavalry

Major Non-Processional Planets

  • Bharius – Penal Colony, provider of Bharric Wood and the Bharric Slashers
  • Morium – Garden World, home to many recovery camps and relaxation retreats
  • Ro’Sha V – Shrine World, and major tourism pilgrimage hub
  • Askarth Secundus – Forge World, known for taking Quality over Quantity to new levels
  • Research Station Delta-Ophelia-Alpha – Research Station, not strictly a planet. Formed from the asteroid belts in the same region as Bharius.
  • Fae’Rul – Death World, provider of Rul’s Ravagers

Other Planets

Other Sector Notables

  • Pandaemonium – the constantly churning Warp-storm that affects all of the Archatius Sector. Last major storm: approximately seventy years ago
  • Perdition’s Requiem – a mysterious, near-mythological Space Hulk that spends as much time in realspace as in the Warp. Last sighting: in the area of Rynn II, nearly a century ago
  • The Shattering Fields – a travelling pack of asteroids that, contrary to the laws of physics, seem to obey no particular orbit and are densely packed enough to pose a serious threat to smaller ships. Last sighting: presently near Fae’Rul
  • Signs of the Precursors – relics, ruins and artifacts from a mysterious and long-forgotten alien race, found scattered around all planets in the sector.

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The Sector itself

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