Type: Feudal World Quarantine World Dead World
Planetary Governor: Lord Nuvar Esquis NA
Population: 500 million 0
Geography: Fairly average mix of land and sea, notable for its many mountain ranges and subterranean fortresses. Glassy, barren everything.
Major Exports: None.

Kul was once a thriving Feudal World on the outskirts of the Archatius Sector, sharing local space with Veritus IV and only a short Warp-jump away from the gardens of Morium. It wasn’t particularly well-known across the sector; if anything, it was only notable for its lack of viable produce or men, contributing minimal numbers in tithing and exporting very small quantities of basic ores for processing in the penal-run factories of Veritus IV. Therefore when the announcement was made that Kul was to be Quarantined the majority of the sector shrugged and continued their duties without question. Even those on Veritus were seemingly unconcerned. The few who were connected enough to receive answers to their questions were told privately that a strange madness had seemingly overcome the natives of Kul – not quite enough to warrant Exterminatus, especially on such a far-out planet, but enough to forbid travel to or from Kul in the name of containing the malady.

A year or two later, however, Veritus IV was subject to a brutal and vicious invasion. Cultists and daemons alike arrived on ramshackle creations held together by foul magics; caring not for their own lives they reaped a bloody toll on the prisoners and guards before reinforcements could arrive. When they did arrive it was almost for naught – for every enemy ship destroyed three more seemed to appear, and the monstrosities seemed to replenish their numbers far faster than normal… almost as if they were calling in reinforcements of their own from some nearby place.

It wasn’t until attention turned to Kul that the Imperium realised the true scope of their mistake.

Blissfully isolated from the rest of the sector, the madness had warped into full-blown Chaos worship. Without anyone to hear their pleas for help the few citizens who didn’t fall in line were easily dealt with and the cult flourished beneath the very nose of the Imperium until it was almost too late. It took a heroic effort from the combined defending forces but Veritus IV was saved and the heretics driven back; to ensure no trace of heresy remained Kul was subject to Exterminatus. Now far more infamous than it ever was as a functioning planet it serves as a warning against ignorance and complacency.

Known Contacts, Gangs and Organisations

  • Was once the base of a heretical force led by an unknown daemon of Slaanesh. Post-Exterminatus, nothing remains.

Native Flora, Fauna and Notable Landmarks

  • None remaining.

Home World Bonus
Given its history and present status, any characters wishing to claim Kul as a home world should ideally either be at least thirty-five years of age (to have had time to grow up on and leave the planet before its destruction) or have one of the following backgrounds: Exorcised (Enemies Beyond), Mutant or Penitent (Enemies Within). Characters from Kul follow the Feudal World rules, but with the following new Home World bonus:
Trust In Your Senses: A character from Kul grew up without access to the technology many others take for granted. When making Awareness or Perception tests without relying on technological aids such as magnoculars or an auspex, the character gains +10 or +20 to the respective test. The character also gains the Keen Intuition talent.


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