Cloudboy Gangs

“Cloudboys” is the name given to a particular group of gangs in Hive Daedalus (see: Daedalus). Unlike basically every other gang in the hive, the members of a Cloudboy gang are well-to-do and by no means in it for the loot – the quintessential member is minor nobility, or at the very least related to someone of influence in the Upper Hive. This means that unlike a typical gang they have access to reliable (sometimes even personalised) weapons, a steady stream of food and ammo, and sometimes even semi-official help. They don’t run for the loot or to survive; they run to look cool and have fun.

Unfortunately, this is what separates a Cloudboy gang from literally every other gang: as they view their gang activities as more of a hobby than a lifestyle, they tend not to have the same… capabilities… as the more low-brow gangs. They’re still ruthless and vicious, they just simply aren’t as practiced or effective as the other gangs. They try to make up for this with better gear and health but this is frequently not enough. As a result, Cloudboy gangs are more commonly found in the Mid and Lower Hives, with only the absolute strongest (or deluded) gangs venturing to the Underhive.

Known Cloudboy Gangs

  • The Babyfaces (Hive Daedalus) – predominantly Mid-Hive gang. Met on first mission. Beaten up on first mission. Leader probably still grounded after needing his parents to get him out of the cells at the Precinct Fortress.
  • High Rollers (Hive Daedalus) – an Underhive gang effectively wiped out for territory during the Genestealer cult mission. Surviving members babbled about “grenades where there shouldn’t be grenades” and were absorbed into the other Underhive cloudboy gangs. Probably still licking their wounds from the further beatings then given out by the acolytes.

Cloudboy Gangs

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