Inquisitor Varl Nuhren

You say heresy, I say "only if it's Chaos"


Once upon a time an Imperial Guard Sergeant was on active duty with the rest of his platoon, defending his home planet from a supposed heretical cult incursion. Things were going very well indeed until one too many cultists were slaughtered and Khorne, being very grateful for all the blood spilled, decided to send a Bloodthirster to better support his newest recruits. In the blink of an eye our brave Sergeant’s platoon were torn to shreds.

Our Sergeant, armed with nothing more than his flashlight and combat knife, saw red.

When the local Adeptus Astartes came through several hours later as reinforcements they found a lot of dead bodies… and a lone blood- and ichor-covered Sergeant, calmly picking bits of Bloodthirster hide from underneath his fingernails with his combat knife. The red he saw was determined to be mostly cultist blood. Upon being cleared of chaotic taint, he was offered the option between the Emperor’s Mercy or joining the service of an impressed Inquisitor.

Quite some time later, Inquisitor Varl Nuhren is now one of the more effective members of the Ordo Malleus, and guards the Archatius sector with a vengeance.

Varl is a tall and broad man with the clear build and bearing of an ex-soldier. He has a semi-permanent five o’clock stubble, a multitude of scars, several tattoos (mostly from his time in the Imperial Guard, though rumour has it that he’s acquired a couple new ones in his Inquisitorial service) and tends to dress for action at all times – Militarum Tempestus carapace armour, Rosette, cloak and his trusty personal armory. He also sports a Baleful Eye that reportedly once belonged to his old Inquisitor, replacing his right eye.


So far, the party has discovered:

  • Varl served under Lord Inquisitor Geran Istvarnach in the Ordo Hereticus, alongside Miralle and d’Florienne
  • He was present at the birthing of Angelus, the Scribe of the Lost, as were Miralle and d’Florienne
  • He is a Radical-aligned Inquisitor and has an impressive array of xenotech and archaeotech aboard the Third Requiem

Inquisitor Varl Nuhren

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