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Efficiently Inefficient, or Something Like That


Code Name: Gears of War
Location: Lotus Alpha, Cerix Magnus
Warband: Interrogator Zarkov, Sister Arda Erioch, Draco, Icharus ‘Sevens’ Rex, Mennu, Praenta Lanette, Xandra Noctine

Situation: After the warband’s visit to Johainas’ra, they found themselves running relatively low on supplies and – given their proximity to the Forge World of Cerix Magnus – elected to stock up while things were easy to come by. Unfortunately, what should have been an easy shopping trip was cut short when several critical items (namely ammunition) were in fact effectively out of stock, with their contacts claiming a shortage at the Forge World was to blame. Varl gave the warband leave to investigate.


  • No specialised equipment granted for this mission. (Note: It wasn’t meant to be a mission; it was meant to be a shopping trip. – Sevens)

Objective Primus: Determine the reason for the lack of availability on what should be easily obtainable gear. Obtain additional ammunition and gear as required.

Objective Secundus: Left to the warband to determine on an as-occurs basis. UPDATED: Determine the cause of the significant efficiency drop and either fix the problem or alert someone who can.

Objective Tertius: Left to the warband to determine on an as-occurs basis. UPDATED: Find the root cause of the Khornate cult and wipe it out. Determine how far up the chain of command the heresy goes. Actually attend the meeting with Auron.


  • Cerix Magnus is the primary manufactorum for most Imperial-issue gear in the sector. I’ve compiled a list of critical notes here and arranged a meeting with Magos-Metallurgicus Auron for you. Please do keep in mind that Cerix Magnus is a Mechanicus world above all else. (Note: What are you suggesting? – Sevens) (Note: That perhaps you should be a little more subtle about the Aquila where your Cogs should be. – Severan)



Objective Primus Status: COMPLETED. Lack of availability was determined to be caused by a heretical Khornate cult funnelling supplies and products away from standard production lines. Upon resolving the issue, ammunition and gear was obtained.

Objective Secundus Status: COMPLETED. Efficiency drop was determined to be a combination of the Security team cooking the books falsifying data (Note: “Cooking the books”? What kind of expression is that? – Severan) (Note: Look, back home I dealt with actual paper scrolls and ink. You wanted something falsified, you shoved it an oven and wrote a new one. Y’know… cooking it. – Tor) and flow-on effects from not only the underlying Khornate heresy but a stolen missing transport platform (Note: Sevens, please tell me you can rig that thing to work anywhere. I didn’t know how much I needed it until now. – Xandra). Magos-Metallurgicus Auron was informed of the situation and is working with the Inquisition to rectify the problem.

Objective Tertius Status: COMPLETED. Root cause was determined to be the Security branch, led by Magos Leutus and Magos Parnux; Magos-Metallurgicus Auron was determined to be negligent rather than heretical and is remaining at his post to assist the Inquisitorial-led efforts to restore Cerix Magnus to its non-heretical and efficient state.




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