Dark Heresy@Miks

Why We Can't Go Anywhere Nice

Actions Have Consequences. Sometimes.


Code Name: Stop Turning Day Trips Into Missions Weeding the Garden
Location: Helios
Warband: Interrogator Zarkov, Sister Arda Erioch, Icharus ‘Sevens’ Rex, Mennu, Praenta Lanette, Xandra Noctine

Situation: Bureaucracy moves slowly, but it does move; Inquisitor Nuhren and the warband were finally called to Helios, the sector capital and headquarters of the Archatine Synod, to explain their involvement in the non-Exterminatus of Bharius – and justify their decisions in the matter. Sporting their shiny new bribes for good behaviour rewards for their constant efforts in defending the Imperium (Note: Congratulations to Sister Erioch, who was promoted to a full Sister of Battle during the journey to Helios. It’s been… nice… to see that there is indeed armour underneath the caked blood. – Tor), and personally led by their Inquisitor, the warband put their best foot forwards on what was meant to be a peaceful two-day trip to answer a few questions.

Equipment: Standard equipment, cleaned to almost-new state.

Objective Primus: Attend the meeting with the Synod and answer their questions, as correctly and truthfully as recommended possible is acceptable. Try not to get yourself or your Inquisitor in too much trouble as a result.

Objective Secundus: Left to the warband to occur on an as-occurs basis. UPDATED: Assist the Ordo Xenos team in their investigations (Note: “Investigation” is perhaps too strong a word for what was happening there… – Interrogator Zarkov) into black-market archaeotech dealings and possible heresy.

Objective Tertius: Left to the warband to determine on an as-occurs basis. UPDATED: Recover the cache of soul stones and their link to “Inquisitor” Arkhon. Discuss [REDACTED] with Inquisitor Nuhren.


  • Your standing orders are to shape up and look like the puritanical Prime Warband you apparently are. Blood should be cleaned off, flagellation scars kept under armour, obvious xenos or otherwise terrifying-looking weaponry should be left on the Third Requiem, and do try not to cause a scene. These may seem like unnecessarily obvious instructions but I have learned to never make assumptions about the thought processes of this warband. – Severan



Objective Primus Status: COMPLETED. Inquisitor and retinue not executed or deemed heretical; Synod not exactly pleased but apparently satisfied for now.

Objective Secundus Status: COMPLETED. Assisted Ordo Xenos team in securing heretical noble and his cache of Eldar goods; assisted in interrogating captured Eldar; saved their asses assisted in fighting off an assault from Arkhon’s team.

Objective Tertius Status: COMPLETED. Cache recovered and turned over to Ordo Xenos warband in exchange for several items of Eldar weaponry and tech. Discussion… ongoing.




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