Dark Heresy@Miks

Rescue on Ro'Sha V

The hunt for the horrific immortality-granting ball


Code Name: Babysitting Hide and Go Seek Bloodball (Note: sigh. – Severan)
Location: Ro’Sha V
Warband: Raevan “Leman” Dumag, Arda Erioch, Xandra Noctine, Harlon “Gunny” Stone, Uriah “Yuri” Zarkov

Situation: Originally, the warband were diverted to Ro’Sha V to support an Ordo Xenos warband in the service of an “old friend” of Varl’s. The Xenos warband had been sent to hunt down a serial killer who seemed to have access to unnatural power and/or technology. Not being particularly useful combat-based, they requested backup, and following the warband’s recent successes on Daedalus and Hrax the team were volunteered. While waiting for the arrival of the warband, the Ordo Xenos team located and executed the killer, but are still attempting to track down the relic.

UPDATE, four days before arrival at Ro’Sha V: transcribed message. Speaker: Inquisitor Varl Nuhren. “Well, good new and bad news. The good news is that the other team managed to confirm there was only one guy behind all the crazy shit going on – not a cult – and they caught him, and he’s talkative, so they’re cleaning up his shit now. The bad news is there’s some kind of Xenos relic involved and they don’t exactly know where it is. The really bad news is that roughly three days ago a Freeboota appeared in-system and gunned straight for Ro’sha V… specifically, Avernum, which is now a warzone. The really, really bad news is that the Astartes that are normally in-system given Ro’Sha’s history… ah, got diverted to Hrax to hold the fort until the Deathwatch arrived. So we’ve got no backup for another three weeks. But, look on the bright side – no Necrons! Or Daemons! Just greenskins. So, uh, your mission’s been updated a bit: find the other team, get the relic, get out. If you can kill a couple of the bastards on the way out, go for it, but try not to die doing so; good Acolytes are hard to find. I’ve sent through the last known coordinates of the other team. You’ll be dropped in as close as possible. Varl out.”


  • No special equipment granted. Standard field packs issued.

Objective Primus: Assist the Ordo Xenos team to find the relic. Find and rescue the Ordo Xenos team from their position in the middle of Avernum.

Objective Secundus: Complete the original mission and find the missing relic. On orders from the Xenos team, recover rather than destroy.

Objective Tertius: Left to the warband to determine on an as-occurs basis. UPDATED: Recover the relic before Skullsplitta does.


  • Avoid combat with greenskins where possible. Orks are not intelligent but they are good at combat, as the Ordo Xenos team can attest.
  • The Ordo Xenos team is not at full strength. As such, they will probably be unable to reliably assist you in the field, but should be able to share all information they have so far gathered.
  • The Ordo Xenos team is comprised of five members: Magnus Partheos (a cleric of the Adeptus Mechanicus), Enoch Gavernus (scholar of the Adeptus Administratum), Cutter Yarl (a tracker from the Adeptus Arbites), Azarch Tyruss (a Chirugeon of the Adeptus Administratum) and the assassin Lax Davros, who assisted you on Hrax.


Planetfall was successfully made. Ordo Xenos team found; Davros, Gavernus and Yarl all badly injured. Informed that out of four possible locations for the relic, two had been cleared, with two still remaining to be investigated. Partheos opted to be a dickhead (Note: professionalism is important, Tor. – Severan) (Note: I thought you said to be as accurate as possible? – Tor) remain with his colleagues to bolster their spirits while Tyruss offered to accompany the warband given his knowledge of the area and the target. Greenskins easily avoided until reaching the outer gate of Avernum; a short and bloody battle was held. Tyruss very helpful in healing injuries. First location found and cleared. Overheard greenskins “discussing” the situation and it became apparent that the Freeboota leading the assault (a four-armed, two-headed monstrosity calling itself Skullsplitta) had somehow got wind of the relic and wanted it for himself. Thankfully beat the greenskins to the second location. Second location was found to be filled with multiple disembodied humans and impossibly still-living flesh that screamed endlessly despite its lack of a mouth and tried to attack anyone who entered the building. Relic found; upon removal flesh thankfully fell silent. Tyruss confirmed it was the relic in question and warband proceeded to extraction point. Skullsplitta appeared in pursuit with a horde of greenskins. In an attempt to distract them, Raevan threw a hallucinogenic grenade; unfortunately he missed, and hit himself and Tyruss instead (Note: Raevan has been requested to no longer carry hallucinogenic grenades. Or frag grenades. Just grenades in general, really. I have it on good authority his attempts to fly were pretty entertaining once the immediate life-or-death situation had been dealt with, though. – Tor). Harlon and Yuri collaborated to trick the greenskins into believing Harlon had the relic and, as the remains of the warband fled down the street, Harlon heroically foolishly HEROICALLY LIKE A HERO (Note: I can do this all day. HEROICALLY. – Tor) sacrificed himself to blow up the street and all nearby greenskins. The warband managed to make it to the shuttle, where the rest of the Ordo Xenos team had already arrived, and lifted off just in time to see a very bloodied Skullsplitta charging through the ruins… unable to do anything to prevent them from leaving with the relic.

Objective Primus Status: COMPLETE. All five members of the Ordo Xenos warband were successfully retrieved (Note: unfortunately alive in the case of Partheos, although Yuri gave him an excellent ass-reaming as they left. Frakking bastard. Saying that Harlon was an idiot for giving his life to save them… – Tor).

Objective Secundus Status: COMPLETE. Relic (apparently Dark Eldar in nature) was found and turned over to the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor.

Objective Tertius Status: COMPLETE. Skullsplitta last seen roaring furiously at the leaving shuttle, which carried the relic.




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