Dark Heresy@Miks

Hunting on Hrax

The Tombworld


Code Name: Knifestorm
Location: Hrax
Warband: Lax Davros, Raevan “Leman” Dumag, Arda Erioch, Xandra Noctine, Harlon Stone, Uriah “Yuri” Zarkov

Situation: Being the breeding ground of the famed Hrax Bloodknives, ordinarily the natives need no help keeping their local crazies under control. Lately, however, there’s been a surge in unsanctioned psykers from both sides, and rumour has it the High Warlord is struggling to control the situation. The warband has been tasked with investigating how well he has the situation under control and acting accordingly.


  • 5 x Standard field kits
  • 1 x long-range auspex
  • 1 x magnoculars
  • 1 x dataslate

Objective Primus: Ascertain whether High Warlord Talvrak is as in control as he claims to be. If he is, you will return to the Third Revelation and leave him be. If not, you will assist as best you can.

Objective Secundus: Ascertain whether the rise in unsanctioned psykers has a root cause and if so, stamp it out.

Objective Tertius: Left to the warband to determine on an as-occurs basis. UPDATED: Follow the maps left by the Skreiga into the tunnels under the Golden Bastia and prevent them from attaining their goal, whatever it may be. Find and kill the Eldar guiding them if possible. If their goal is a relic, retrieve it or destroy it as necessary.


  • Hrax is a Feral World and very low-tech. Your group vox is effectively the only connection to the Third Revelation available.
  • You have been assigned an Assassin, Lax Davros, for part of the mission. He is on loan from the Ordo Xenos and will assist where possible until recalled by his Inquisitor. “Just point him at things you want dead and don’t worry too much about it.” – Varl


Upon landing, the warband made themselves known to Talvrak and proceeded to negotiate with him. Tales of their exploits were… received… with the net result being that Talvrak tasked them with hunting down an escaped Furimancer (Note: local slang for unsanctioned psyker from the Skreiga tribes – Skreiga are the warp-loving, not-Emperor-worshipping lunatics. – Severan) and the Black Ship-ready psykers he took with him. Investigating the location the Furimancer escaped from yielded very few clues. Upon dealing with the overly-friendly Kran, Xandra was able to procure them a map to the last known location of the escapees as well as several Vornae for the group for travel. After a few day’s travel they encountered a rearguard ambush, which was summarily defeated (Note: swords and crossbows may be fearsome locally, but they lack a certain something against heavy stubbers. Not that Lax appeared to notice. The phrase “whirlwind of death” has never seemed more appropriate. – Raevan). A small group of symbols were found that, upon consultation with Severan in orbit, were deemed to refer to a location in a ruined and supposedly abandoned Bastia. The warband successfully tracked down the group over the next few days and found a small tribe of Furimancers and Skreiga warriors training for what appeared to be an ambush. (Note: if nothing else, this should serve as excellent example why psykers must be sanctioned. One Furimancer exploded under his own power and another created a localised rain of blood (not his own, until Davros got to him). – Yuri) After destroying the group and discovering the leader wielding a sword far beyond their primitive level of technology they investigated further and discovered a trio of Eldar complaining about the loss of their “tools”. Battle was briefly held before the three vanished into the Webway. Investigating the area revealed plans for an ambush on the Bastia of Golden Light which would serve as a distraction for several strike teams to attack something underneath the Bastia and the warband hastily returned; unfortunately they took several wrong turns in their rush and arrived back during the main thrust of the attack (Note: I apologise for the blood-oozing cliff face incident. – Yuri) (Note: that was YOU? No wonder the Vornae got shitty with us. – Xandra). After making their way in they spoke to Talvrak about what lay beneath the city. As it turned out the Bastia was built over a system of caves that intertwine with the labyrinthine halls of the space hulk that formed the basis of the Bastia; the space hulk’s old engine was in the deepest recesses, although how and why the Skreiga know about that was a mystery in its own right. He directed them to investigate while his men held off the surface assault. They were provided a tunnel rat to guide them (Tor) and headed off. They successfully found and killed the Eldar and several Skreiga, to Tor’s apparent horror; they then found a further system of tunnels that were not natural in the slightest. Unfortunately investigating these tunnels awoke the slumbering Necron Tomb at the heart of the world. The warband elected to beat a hasty retreat after barely defeating one of the metal warriors (locking the rest in behind them) and, Tor in tow due to seeing too much and being less-than-conscious enough to protest, left Hrax to the Deathwatch. (Note: Tor was offered a choice between assisting my research or being airlocked. He is a most helpful apprentice, if a little overly enamoured of Harlon. – Severan)

Objective Primus Status: COMPLETED. Determined that Talvrak did not have a full handle on the situation and assisted in destroying an escaped psyker.

Objective Secundus Status: COMPLETED. Eldar were found on the planet and seemed to be meddling with the Skreiga for their own nefarious ends. All seen were killed. Problem deemed solved permanently owing to completion of Objective Tertius.

Objective Tertius Status: COMPLETED. Eldar found, Eldar killed. Tunnels were investigated. Goal was determined to be awakening the Necron Tombs; regrettably the warband were unable to prevent the awakening of the Tomb and only narrowly escaped alive, sealing the doors behind them. Deathwatch have been contacted and are taking control of the situation.




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