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Hive Daedalus, Part Deux

I'm not saying it's genestealers, but...


Code Name: Underworld
Location: Daedalus
Warband: Freya Edhildr, Xandra Noctine, Icharus “Sevens” Rex, Uriah “Yuri” Zarkov. Arda Erioch dispatched to hunt down Raevan Dumag, who went missing upon arriving at the Precinct Fortress.

Situation: Hive Daedalus is having problems again, and this time it’s a little bigger than a few people going missing. The Underhive is in revolt. Ordinarily this would be something easily dealt with by the local Arbites but recently the gangs in question have fundamentally changed their tactics. Not only are they now taking (and releasing) prisoners, but the three largest gangs appear to be working together – or at the very least not interfering. This has meant the revolt has become far bloodier than usual and the Arbites are losing ground. Faced with an enemy they can’t understand and with limited intel, the Chief Arbitrator has requested Varl return the warband to the Hive in the hopes they will repeat their prior success. The Arbites can handle the lion’s share of the work but they need the head of the hydra removed first and they are simply not equipped to handle this kind of mission.


  • No specialised equipment granted for this mission.

Objective Primus: Obliterate the command structure of the major gangs.

Objective Secundus: Discover why the gangs are working together in the first place, and if possible, try to arrange it so that such a collusion is unlikely to ever happen again.

Objective Tertius: Left to the warband to determine on an as-occurs basis. UPDATED: Destroy the Genestealer Patriarch by any means necessary. Sevens has indicated that this should send the cult into a tailspin but the patriarch must go.


  • You have been given the names and contact details of two Arbites informants: a weapons smuggler/black marketeer known as Shanna and a gang infiltrator with the callsign Far Cry.
  • See Underhive Gangs for a comprehensive overview of the major gang opposition.


Warband made planetfall and were given an thorough overview of the situation from the Chief Arbitrator (Note: he has a name, you know. – Severan) (Note: Chief Arby? – Tor). At this point, Raevan strangely went missing; upon learning that the majority of the mission would be taking place in the Underhive and would require dealing with gangs, Arda opted to stay above and track him down, with newcomer Freya joining the team to make up numbers. The warband then made contact with the first informant. They ascertained that the leaders of the gangs were never seen outside the Underhive. The decision was made to go undercover and infiltrate the gangs as a gang themselves. To this end, the warband styled themselves “The Unexpected” (Note: I see our Inquisitor’s naming skills have had an influence… sigh. – Severan) and set up shop by obliterating an Underhive Cloudboy gang called the High Rollers. Sevens took a prisoner, lobotomised the prisoner and sent him back to the Third Requiem to be turned into a Servitor (Note: oh Emperor, THAT was what was in that box? – Tor) (Note: be grateful Sevens was not with the warband when you were brought on board, or you might have suffered a similar fate. Sevens is… enthusiastic… about his servitors. – Severan). Warband was approached by members of the Lost Templars; warband was also approached by second informant, callsign Far Cry. The Lost Templars contacts offered an in with their gang if the warband would collect a package from an Underhive bar for them. Far Cry instead offered an in with the Black Riders if they delivered the package to him instead. As the Black Riders had been determined to be ostensibly in charge, the warband opted to deliver the package (guns, drugs, and other weaponry) to Far Cry instead, which (after stealing a number of bikes and murdering a number of Cloudboys) they successfully managed. (Note: it pains me to note how effective the warband was at acting like a hive gang. I am unsure if this is reflective more of our organisation’s recruitment style, training style or the warband in question. – Severan) The Black Riders then tasked them with kidnapping three people from the Mid-Hive: the day and night manager and head janitor of the Workhouse, the Mid-Hive’s largest hab-motel and living area. After conferring with the Arbites to ensure minimal opposition presence (Note: yes, Sevens, also after you created a very impressive truck from the carcasses of the four bikes… sigh. – Severan), the warband created a diversion and successfully kidnapped the targets with minimal fuss. They were then taken to meet the leaders, being instructed by Far Cry to paint a certain symbol on their vehicle to minimise interaction from other gang memebrs. At this point the connection to the Genestealers was discovered. Sevens created a makeshift bomb in a first aid kit (Note: I suppose it’s not like he was going to use it for much else… – Tor) and the leaders were summarily killed at the meeting, along with Far Cry who had been corrupted by the cult. Yuri was able to track the psychic signature of the patriarch to an area further down. Freya sacrificed herself to spike a melta bomb onto the foul xenos’ head (Note: while I disapprove of the sacrifice of a good Acolyte, I will admit it was the best course of action to minimise losses. She will be remembered. – Severan) (Note: just say it, boss. It was BADASS. – Tor) and with assistance from the Arbites, the cult was eradicated.

Objective Primus Status: COMPLETED. Gang leaders of the Black Riders, Broken Cogs and Lost Templars confirmed dead. Patriarchal Genestealer confirmed dead. Adeptus Arbites cleaning scene.

Objective Secundus Status: COMPLETED. Collusion was due to nascent Genestealer cult. Collusion deemed unlikely to occur again given destruction of Genestealer and associated cult.

Objective Tertius Status: COMPLETED. Patriarchal Genestealer confirmed pulped thanks to Freya’s sacrifice.


  • All surviving Acolytes who took part in the High Rollers debacle now have Enemy (Cloudboy Gangs). (Note: DAMMIT SEVENS, BEING KNOWN FOR DISTURBING ACTS OF VIOLENCE IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF – Severan) (Note: …can I request that Sevens be banned from grenades too? – Tor)




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