Dark Heresy@Miks

Hive Daedalus: Welcome to the Machine

or, 'The Daemonhost Incident'


Code Name: None given. “A distraction. Fuck, I don’t know.” – Varl Nuhren
Location: Daedalus
Warband: Raevan “Leman” Dumag, Arda Erioch, Xandra Noctine, Severan “Scholar” Ortanno, Uriah “Yuri” Zarkov

Situation: Transcribed from recorded message. Speaker: Inquisitor Varl Nuhren “Right, listen up. I’m diverting you lot to a hive world – Hive Daedalus, on Daedalus. Delightful little place with all the standard problems. Normally wouldn’t bother but lately a bunch of nobles have gone missing. By lately, I mean over the last two weeks. By missing, I mean a couple have turned up again but, well, the only reason the Arbites recognised ‘em was cos a couple hadn’t torn off their faces yet. Good thing you lot are in the system, aye? All the missing are young ‘uns, all stupid enough to venture into the Upper Hive before vanishing. Latest is one Magdalena Sudener, kid of a mid-level Apex jerkoff. Servants said she was known to buy trinkets from some Upper Hive merchant named Henroth Volmann – said she was going to buy summat from him the day she went missing. Find her. Alive would be good. Figuring out why a bunch of the little brats have disappeared would be nice too. Try not to piss off the princesses in the Apex too much, aye?”


  • No special equipment granted. Regular supplies (combat vests, rations, single vox-caster, microbeads, single auspex) approved.

Objective Primus: Find Magdalena Sudener.

Objective Secundus: Discover the cause behind the string of disappearances and deal with it appropriately.

Objective Tertius: Left to the warband to determine on an as-occurs basis. UPDATED: Hunt down the Twisted Man and the One Who Speaks below Rykk Voidport.


  • The nobility are not aware of the string of disappearances, only of their own immediate losses, and are not aware of the resultant deaths. Please attempt to avoid inciting panic amongst the Apex natives. They don’t deal well with that kind of thing. – Severan Ortanno


from the records of Severan Ortanno

The warband went to Apex to talk with Sudener’s father for any possible information and to investigate her room for further leads. Certain people were less than helpful, resulting in the Lord suffering a minor nervous breakdown (Note – Raevan, saying you are the “Chief Arbiter” generally only works if you are indeed the Chief Arbiter and not very obviously an off-worlder. Just for future reference. – Severan). The warband then went to interrogate Henroth Volmann, who cried like a little girl very helpfully informed us that yes, he had seen Magdalena, and that the last he saw of her she was in a Mid-Hive cantina known as the Falling Light, in the company of a group of Cloudboys called the Babyfaces. Upon threatening him with [REDACTED] (Note: By the Emperor, do not piss off Arda if you want to sleep that night. – Severan) further questioning he also offered that the Babyfaces had also been seen in the company of several other of the missing people and made mention of a group called the Children of the Dark. At this point he began babbling and gibbering and was sent back to the Precinct Fortress with the Arbites for execution further questioning and safe holding. The Babyfaces were less than helpful and were dispatched summarily, their leader being captured for further questioning. He confirmed that they had taken Magdalena and some of the others to a lower level of the Hive called the Undertow and received payment from the Children of the Dark for leaving them there for the Twisted Man and the One Who Speaks – alive and unharmed. Upon making the mistake of blaspheming the Emperor in Arda’s earshot, unfortunately, he was then summarily executed. In the Undertow we found no trace of Magdalena but ran into a small ambush; investigating the bodies and the surrounding area led the warband to look below Rykk Voidport for the Twisted Man, the One Who Speaks and the rest of the Children of the Dark. Careful investigation led us to walking in on what appeared to be a summoning or binding ritual in progress. The warband was in the process of summarily cleaning house when one of the witches present self-immolated, releasing the daemonhost, and I regret to say I was overcome by its terrible power for a while. The next thing I recall was being shuttled back to our dropship and being thanked by the Arbites. I have henceforth elected to take up a more scholarly position on the Third Requiem and have resigned from active field duty.

Addendum from Uriah Zarkov: Daemonhost was released. I was unaffected. Severan fainted, nearly died. Raevan ran away crying like small child. Xandra shocked, frozen for short while. Arda not move for while, think frozen, so I begin to shoot lightning at daemonhost while Xandra shoot with gun. Xandra take solid hit, very bloody. I think perhaps we die. Then Arda start frothing at mouth and charge daemonhost. Thought Arda would die. Arda instead bisected daemonhost in single blow. Went to congratulate her. Still frothing. Tried to bisect Xandra and myself. Took a while to calm down again. Requesting non-lethal method of incapacitation for future missions. Collected Raevan (still gibbering) and Severan (very pale), identified ex-daemonhost as Magdalena Sudener. Informed Arbites that Lord Sudener’s daughter was dead, left them to tell him. Arbites very happy for dead daemonhost and destroyed cult.

Objective Primus Status: COMPLETED. Magdalena Sudener located. Was used as a daemonhost body. Unable to be returned alive or intact.

Objective Secundus Status: COMPLETED. Disappearances traced to Children of the Dark, a heretical cult using the victims to attempt to re-bind a daemonhost.

Objective Tertius Status: COMPLETED. Twisted Man was determined to be a daemonhost whose old physical form was failing; the One Who Speaks was the leader of the Children of the Dark and the one leading the ritual. Both confirmed dead.




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