Ro'Sha V

Type: Shrine World
Planetary Governor: Lady of the Watch Shiva Emrauser
Population: 10 billion
Geography: As a relatively modern Shrine World, Ro’Sha V is still mostly sprawling green plains and pleasant terrain, a large portion of which is still used for self-sustaining agriculture endeavours. Its capital and central shrine-site, Avernum, is a sprawling city-fortress divided into several “rings” by large defensive walls. This is a common feature among all the large cities on Ro’Sha V due to the planet’s war-torn history.
Major Exports: N/A.

Ro’Sha V is a relatively new Shrine World, and as such has yet to be overrun by the sprawling mausoleums and necropolises of the more established shrine worlds. It was decreed to be a Shrine world during the Siege of Avernum when a lone Astartes held the gates for a full day and night against a ravening tide of Orks. When dawn came he was found to be functionally dead but had continued defending the gates until reinforcements arrived to drive back the greenskin horde; his actions were deemed miraculous, and thus Ro’Sha V was slowly turned into a Shrine world by the steady stream of pilgrims that came to pay their respects to the site of his last stand.

Ro’Sha V’s capital is Avernum, a sprawling city-fortress surrounded by ruins and abandoned half-constructed buildings. Ro’Sha V has been subjected to at least three Ork Waaaughs! over the last five centuries; thankfully, the nearest Adeptus Astartes presence is only scant weeks away by Warp-travel, and currently the planet has been scoured clean of greenskins after the last Waaaugh (Waaaugh! Lokjaw), which occurred one hundred and fifty years ago. Ordinarily as a result there are regular patrols of Astartes… however, given the recent occurrences at Hrax and the fact they are the closest available responders, the regular patrols have headed for Hrax to begin suppressing the Necron threat, leaving Ro’Sha V relatively undefended.

Known Contacts, Gangs and Organisations

  • Kaptin Skullsplitta – a deranged Mekboy/Painboy Freeboota who is likely still in the nearby system after being denied the Dark Eldar relic as a prize for his assault.

Native Flora, Fauna and Notable Landmarks

Home World Bonus
Characters from Ro’Sha V follow the Shrine World rules, but with the following new Home World bonus:
Hold the Line: A character from Ro’Sha V has grown up hearing tales of the heroic Adeptus Astartes who kept a horde of Orks from overrunning Avernum. They gain an extra degree of success on Command skill checks and gain the Die Hard talent.

Ro'Sha V

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