Type: Feral World Daemon-slash-Necron World
Planetary Governor: High Marshal Warlord Talvrak N/A
Population: 100 billion In constant flux
Geography: Deserted Daemonic desert terrain on the surface; life exists in the subterranean crags Necron-infested tombs in the core of the planet. Cities are formed in the ruins of crashed Space Hulks and larger ships Daemons do what they like, Necrons do what they like. Mostly kill each other.
Major Exports: Hrax Bloodknives Death.

Hrax was a feral world of some renown, supply the Imperial Guard with the famed Hrax Bloodknives for many years.

Key word: “was”.

Following the discovery and subsequent awakening of a Necron tomb underneath the Bastia of Golden Light, the Deathwatch were called in to cleanse the planet. Nobody is entirely sure what happened next – some say the Necrons dabbled in things they shouldn’t have, others say the Librarian pushed too hard, others say that whatever it was it definitely wasn’t an Alpha Legionnaire masquerading as an Apothecary for his own sadistic goals – but the end result was the same. Hrax is currently the site of a battle to the undeath between Daemons and Necrons. There are a few pockets of native resistance here and there but for the most part, Hrax is now a Daemon World, and should be considered lost.

Known Contacts, Gangs and Organisations

  • High Marshal Warlord Talvrak – ex-Planetary Governor. Assumed very, very dead.
  • Kran – overly-friendly administration drone. Also assumed very, very dead.
  • Tor – tunnel rat, forcefully conscripted (“rescued” by Harlon Stone) and now serves under Severan as a desk jockey on the Third Requiem
  • Skriega – a heretical group of Chaos cults that were in the process of being manipulated by the Eldar for unknown reasons. Most likely joyfully serving being devoured by their newly physically present gods.

Native Flora, Fauna and Notable Landmarks

  • Vornae – a kind of derpy tarrasque-like creature used as both riding and war mounts by the locals. Six-legged, large enough to comfortably carry three armed men, carnivorous and capable of short bursts of flight despite their bulk.

Home World Bonus
Depending on when they come from Hrax (pre- or post-fall), characters from Hrax follow either the Feral World rules or Daemon World rules, but with the following new Home World bonus:
When All You Have Is A Stick: A character from Hrax (before the fall) knows the value of outnumbering their opponents in combat. They gain the Double Team talent, and deal a bonus 2 damage when attacking an opponent they outnumber.
For Me, It Was Tuesday: A character from Hrax (after the fall) is a survivor, dodging Daemon and Necron alike just to stay alive. They gain the Resistance (Fear) talent and Forbidden Lore (Daemons, Necrons) with a number of ranks equal to either 2 or half their Intelligence bonus (rounded down), whatever is greater. They also start with 1d10+5 Corruption points.


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