Type: Hive World
Planetary Governor: Niklaus Kurz (Hive Daedalus)
Population: 300 billion+
Geography: Polluted and barren wastes dotted with hive cities. Several ruined and abandoned hives can be found on the plains, though the majority of the populace is spread between the four major hives – Uldam, Vashir, Neorothus and the titular Daedalus.
Major Exports: basic ore, machinery parts, misery

Daedalus is a hive world of some renown, serving as the first port of call for many travellers to the sector due to serving as the geosynchronous orbit point for the system’s main spaceport, Xervus Primus. The vast majority of the populace live in the four major hives; the rest can be found scattered in primitive settlements around the various void-ports and transportation fields. Those that travel frequently between the hives speak of lawless, feral tribes that somehow survive in the polluted wastes but such creatures can barely be classified as human and are therefore not accounted for in the official census.

Hive Daedalus is fittingly the de facto capital of Daedalus and is home to not only the planetary governor but a number of noble houses as well as the main fortress of the planet’s Adeptus Arbites. As Xervus Primus is in geostationary anchor above Hive Daedalus, the hive also sports its own void-port – Port Rykk – which serves not only as a transit hub but a docking facility and smuggler’s paradise, as it has separate exits to the Upper, Mid and Lower hive levels. The Apex and Upper Hive levels are the realm of the nobility and well-off, featuring securely-patrolled shops and entertainment galore. The Mid-hive is for the working class and those who have fallen from grace; taverns and hab-shares are interspersed with shops stocking basic necessities and perhaps the odd luxury item. Most major manufactorums can also be found here, though several of the larger and older ones are found in the Lower Hive, where they take advantage of the reduced Arbites presence to staff their worklines with those who would ordinarily be deemed mutated or mercy-killed on sight – there are rumours of semi-sapient monstrosities who have been so heavily mechanised that they no longer move from their positions on the line, performing their single job endlessly and tirelessly until either death or mechanical failure removes them from the job.

It’s the Underhive, though, that the real trouble is found. The Underhive is a lawless nightmare of shifting alliances and terrain that few willingly step into. Bar the central, neutral-territory Golden Ring that has grown up around the largest of the functional grav-lifts, the entire place is a constantly changing mess of ruined habs, dripping pollution, abandoned bodies and nightmarish legends. Hivequakes frequently result in collapses of entire areas. Gangs and cults spring up and vanish overnight. Life is cheap, brutish and short in the Underhive… but near anything can be found if you’re willing to look for it.

Known Contacts, Gangs and Organisations

Home World Bonus
Characters from Daedalus follow the Hive World rules, but with the following new Home World bonus:
A Faceless Shadow: A character from Daedalus is well-accustomed to staying out of sight, even when in the packed environs of a Hive hab. They gain a +10 bonus to Stealth tests, increasing to +20 when in crowds or enclosed environments.


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