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  • Ro'Sha 5 (1)

    h3. *MISSION PARAMETERS* *Code Name:* -Babysitting- -Hide and Go Seek- Bloodball (_Note: sigh. - Severan_) *Location:* [[Ro'Sha V | Ro'Sha V]] *Warband:* [[:raevan | Raevan "Leman" Dumag]], [[:arda | Arda Erioch]], [[:xandra | Xandra Noctine]], [[: …

  • Ro'Sha V

    *Type:* Shrine World *Planetary Governor:* Lady of the Watch Shiva Emrauser *Population:* 10 billion *Geography:* As a relatively modern Shrine World, Ro'Sha V is still mostly sprawling green plains and pleasant terrain, a large portion of which is …

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