Interrogator Zarkov

Precognitive Swordsman and Smiter of Daemons


Eta-level psyker and Novice Tuitus Biomancer

A tall, gaunt, pale man of indeterminate age with violet eyes, wearing a grey longcoat over ornate, warded light carapace.



Yuri grew up a navy brat amongst Valhallan ratings aboard a Chartist merchant ship which, following an altercation with some Eldar Corsairs, was left drifting dead in space. Much of the crew, including the navigator and the astropathic choir, were killed, and the ship itself ended up being fused to a space hulk, the Pestifer Mundi. The survivors included both the Chartist Captain himself and a number of tech-priests, however, and they managed to find and restore a Gellar field generator shortly after disembarking from their ship (which, being new to the hulk, had attracted a certain amount of attention from its denizens). This served as a somewhat safe base of operations for the crew to await rescue via distress beacon, though it was useless while the hulk was in the warp. The hulk was infested with orks, bloodletters, and daemonettes, all psychically-active beings, and Yuri’s latent psychic abilities and perception let himself and the other survivors avoid the worst dangers aboard the Pestifer Mundi for most of their journey through the warp.

Although time became increasingly hard to keep track of as the Pestifer Mundi continued on its fell voyage, there came a point where it dropped back into realspace, the Captain’s distress beacon activated, and the gruff voice of one Inquisitor Varl Nuhren came on the vox asking for coordinates within the hulk. In the intervening period the survivors had aged decades, gained back their youth, killed each other in an orgy of violence, returned to life again and made peace, observed the most sublime blasphemies, experienced the most obscene miracles, and were changed to varying degrees by the experience. This included Yuri, except that rather than irretrievably twisting his mind or corrupting his soul, it hardened his resolve that these terrible enemies of Mankind should be destroyed with extreme prejudice wherever they were found. While these were grandiose thoughts for a mere rating, after the Inquisitor and his retinue had variously rescued, recruited, mind-wiped, or purged the survivors, the topic of Yuri’s uncanny ability to avoid daemons and orks came up between the Inquisitor and the Captain. Shortly thereafter, Yuri was sent off on the next Black Ship to Holy Terra, there to be selectively mind-cleansed, sanctioned, and then returned to Varl for inquisitorial service.

Interrogator Zarkov

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