Local Guide to Hrax Tunnels turned Scribe


Once upon a time Tor was a “tunnel rat” of the Bastia of Golden Light on Hrax, content to scrounge the depths for pieces of loot and occasionally serve as a guide for forays into the depths. Upon being recruited to guide the warband into the tunnels and subsequently getting an in-person introduction to both Eldar and Necrons he was quickly and forcibly inducted into the Inquisition under Severan as a desk jockey – probably a good thing as it turned out, as Hrax fell to Daemons not too long after, leaving him one of the few non-Imperial Guard survivors of the planet.

Tor is a small, scrawny husk of a man, clearly built for climbing and speed rather than prolonged melee combat. He appears to be in his early twenties with a pinched face, brown eyes, fairly tanned skin and a mess of dry black hair. He currently resides on the Third Requiem, in the research/paperwork division, where he is apprenticed to Severan Ortanno.



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