Sevens - PROMOTED TO ORDOS CHRONOS WITH HIS BEST FRIEND (Techpriest Icharus Rex - ID. 4219777-777/77)

Tech Heresy is his middle name.


A thin, tall, middle-aged man wearing black robes over body armour, festooned with weapons. Sevens serves Inquisitor Varl Nuhren as a Sage and weapons expert. Sevens eschews any traditional Mechanicus iconography, instead preferring to wear the Imperial Aquila.



Techpriest 4219777-777/77, designated Icharus Rex by his biological manufacturing units (parents), was a member of the holy Adeptus Mechanicus born, raised and assigned to the remote Imperial research station of Sigma Gamma Gamma Pi. The station was set up to receive data transmissions from Mechanicus Archaeological digs and to research any relevant technology that was sent to them. Techpriest 4218777’s role was to care for the ancient transmitter array and to scrub astral radiation from the intercepted signals. The station received delivery of an ancient archaeotech device. Upon initial study, the Magos of the station deemed it a gift of the Omnissia and decreed that it would be sealed away to prevent further blasphemy by studying it. For whatever reason, the device emitted a powerful explosion which decompressed the station, killing all the inhabitants except 4219777. Alone and with no one to follow, an aspect of 4219777’s humanity thought long lost kicked in: his survival instinct. Engaging in tech-heresy of the highest order, 4219777 cannibalised systems and equipment from the station and the corpses of the Adeptus Mechanicus crew (including the Magos) to repair one of the small intersystem shuttles. He was eventually picked up by a merchant vessel and taken to the local planet. His experiences taught him that ignorance leads to death and resolved himself to never blindly turn away from knowledge, regardless of what the Adeptus Mechanicus taught. He began a personal crusade to uncover and study ancient technology. This eventually brought him into contact with Inquisitor Vall, whose ex-Imperial Guard nature admired Icharus’ ‘can-do’ attitude towards technology.

Sevens - PROMOTED TO ORDOS CHRONOS WITH HIS BEST FRIEND (Techpriest Icharus Rex - ID. 4219777-777/77)

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