Inquisitor Ashana Verity Miralle

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, long-time ally of Varl


Ashana Verity Miralle is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos and a long-time ally of Varl Nuhren and Jacques d’Florienne. Much like Varl, she is willing to tolerate the use of Xenos relics and weaponry, but draws the line at anything Warp- or Chaos-related. These days she prefers subtle investigations and to avoid bloodshed where possible, encouraging her Acolytes to think before acting and talk before shooting – though once the shooting starts, her motto changes to “there’s no kill like overkill”, and her flames can be seen for miles.

Miralle is a tall, stern-faced woman with long fiery red hair, milky white skin and brilliant violet eyes. She is usually found wearing her standard carapace armour under dress robes coupled with her Rosette; her hair is kept in a large bun and she rotates between various pieces of eldritch weaponry when she takes to the field in tandem with her permanent Force sword.


Inquisitor Ashana Verity Miralle

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