Lax Davros

Assassin of the Ordo Xenos and Occasional Ally


A mysterious and quiet knife-wielding assassin of the Ordo Xenos.

Lax first appeared on the warband’s mission to Hrax, ostensibly “on loan” from the Ordo Xenos for reasons not elaborated on by Varl. He accompanied the group for their initial investigations before being recalled shortly before they ventured into the tunnels below the surface. He was seen again on Ro’Sha V where he (along with three-fifths of his team) had been badly injured by Orks while hunting down a Dark Eldar relic.

Lax is a lean and muscled figure rarely seen out of his bodyglove. He is quite a bit older than the typical assassin, appearing to be in his late forties or early fifties, with tan skin and blonde hair. Surprisingly for his age he prefers to fight up close and personal, shredding enemies left and right with his mono chainsword.



Lax Davros

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