Lord Inquisitor Geran Istvarnach

The deceased boss of Varl, Miralle and Jacques


Lord Inquisitor Geran Istvarnach was an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor of wide renown in the Archatius Sector. He was personally responsible for the destruction of at least three daemonhosts, several Xenos monstrosities, innumerable heretical cults and clans and the salvation of several worlds with acolytes under his command being responsible for many further heroic deeds. Famously, none of his followers ever fell to Chaos, and his personal retinue produced no less than three Inquisitors: Varl Nuhren of the Ordo Malleus, Ashana Miralle of the Ordo Xenos and Jacques d’Florienne who succeeded him in the Ordo Hereticus. He was killed in a battle against the greater daemon of Tzeentch known as The Scribe of The Lost approximately thirty years ago alongside the greater portion of his retinue with only the three present-day Inquisitors surviving the encounter. There are still several planets in the sector who revere him as their savior to this day.

Descriptions of the man himself are varied and seem to grow wilder with each passing year, currently pegging him as being ten foot tall and fighting daemons hand-to-hand with fiery eyes and booming voice. His three remaining ex-Acolytes give a slightly more realistic description: six-two, broad and muscular, chest-length salt-and-pepper beard with a bald head, one bionic eye and one Baleful Eye (currently possessed by Varl), and a voice that could be heard from literal miles away.


Lord Inquisitor Geran Istvarnach

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