First Lieutenant Gaius Scipio Ventarum

Naval Security Operative


A tall, athletic man with greying black hair and a chin carved from the finest Macraggean marble. Storm grey eyes peer out from sunken sockets which have seen many of the horrors of the Xenos, the Witch and the Arch-Enemy.

In his dress uniform, Gaius is a proud man adorned in the finest navy blues with a gilded breastplate depicting chiseled muscular and a green laurel wreath resting upon his temples; a side arm and gladius, a reminder of his life in Ultramar, at his hip.

In the field, however, Lt Ventarum cannot be seen. Were he to be seen, the enemy would observe that he was wearing custom fitted carapace armour with an environmentally blending cameleoline cloak wrapped around his frame. Darkness was his home, be it found in the dead of night or in the corner gantry of a Chaos Battlecruiser.


Born on the Ultramarine world of Macragge to a noble patrician’s family, Gaius was given over to the Macraggean navy to serve aboard the Ultramarine Battle Barge Octavius. Gaius’ family were very prominent, having no less than five Ultramarines among their ancestors, the next being Gaius’ older brother. Something that serves as a very sore point as Gaius was off world at the time of the trials. Aboard, he enjoyed the very finest military academies and training. While managing to survive the engagements that the ship saw. Due to his nobility, Gaius was soon able to transfer into Naval Intelligence.

As an Agent of Naval Intelligence, Gaius spent a great deal of time investigating the loyalty of certain ship captains and rogue traders.

He eventually caught the eye of Inquisitor Varl when Gaius managed to sabotage a Chaos Frigate which Varl was also on.

First Lieutenant Gaius Scipio Ventarum

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