Inquisitor Jacques d'Florienne

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, long-time ally of Varl


Jacques d’Florienne is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus and a long-time ally of Varl Nuhren and Ashana Verity Miralle. Unlike his two compatriots he is quite intolerant of any non-human weaponry or technology – at least as far as his own Acolytes are considered. He’s learned to look the other way where his colleagues are involved. He is a tried and true fire-and-brimstone Inquisitor, stamping out heresy with as much show and pizzazz as possible, and is a well-known face in the Archatius Sector.

d’Florienne is a solidly built and somewhat rotund figure, but don’t be fooled; he might look hefty but he is more than practiced on the field of battle. He has black hair, green eyes, ruddy skin and is never seen outside of his armour and robes. He is never without his prized Magnus-pattern “Hydra” flamer, his Mono Eviscerator and his personal Brazier of Holy Fire – a combination known and feared almost as much as the man himself.


Inquisitor Jacques d'Florienne

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