The Scribe of the Lost


The Daemon of Tzeentch known as Angelus, the Scribe of the Lost, was once upon a time an Adept of the Ordo Hereticus known as Angela. She served under Inquisitor Lord Geran Istvarnach. She was a strong fighter and brilliant investigator with a bright future ahead of her – some believed her on the track to be an Inquisitor in her own right. Unfortunately, before she could fulfill her ambitions, she fell upon a dark path.

For quite some time she had been in love with a fellow Acolyte in her warband. This posed no immediate problems; both remained professional and effective on the field of duty. The problems started when her lover was killed in action – he was sent on a poorly-informed mission by Istvarnach and ended up too badly outnumbered by cultists to survive. Maddened with grief Angela began staying up longer and longer, researching darker and darker arts in an effort to bring back her lost love. Her efforts were noticed by the daemon Makarth. He whispered foul treaties in her ear and swayed her to the ruinous powers right under the nose of her Puritan allies. She remained with the warband, however, and outwardly all seemed fine.

Then came Rynn II.

Having been tasked with hunting down and destroying a relic known only as the Orb of the Lost, Angela led the warband deep into the Underhive, secretly scheming to retrieve and use the Orb for herself. Makarth had told her of the Orb’s power – to return life to the dead – and she was determined to make use of it. When they arrived in the main shrine room there were three similar Orbs waiting for them. With Makarth whispering in her ear, she pointed her colleagues towards one of the false Orbs, and had almost completed her invocation when Jacques noticed her actions. Unfortunately he was too late. Even as he let rip with his flamer she was laughing, even as she fell into the surrounding warp flame she was laughing, for when she rose from the green balefire she was no longer Angela but Angelus, the Scribe of the Lost, and fully in Tzeentch’s service.



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