Dark Heresy@Miks


Sevens' Diary, Entry 1.

#pict feed begins: interior of a ship, a laboratory – a man in black stands in front of a workbench, the figure speaks#

Hmmm, much better, now where was I? Ah yes: my relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Well. there isn’t one as far as I am concerned. They are backwards, uninspired and very much without a sense of craftsmanship or flare. Oh what was that?

#the figure turns to someone off screen#

Yes exactly! The Mechanicus have moved far away from the Emperor’s wish for mankind. The God-Emperor was truly the greatest mind and look at what he did with his ingenuity? The Astartes, Warp Technology, the Golden Throne. Wondrous pieces of technology that the mechanicus would rather we never understood, all the while the enemies of mankind draw nearer and nearer. Some of the Xenos races have truly amazing technology: The Tau Empire, the Eldar. Even the Orks are kind of brilliant in their mindless ways. Since my induction into Inquisitor Nuhren’s warband I have had more opportunities to engage with more Xenos tech. Indeed the living metal they encountered on Hrax seemed most amazing. It is such a shame that it is now a hell world.

#the robed figure pauses, looking to the character off screen again#

Oh quit your complaining. We do the Emperor’s work, and soon you will too. You were wasting your life in the Hive and accomplishing nothing of note. Now I am making you better, holier. Putting you to work with a divine purpose.

Ahh, it’s finished.

#the robed figure lifts a cybernetic head implant, evidently what he had been working on#

Now be quiet, or this will hurt. A lot.

#the robed figure walks over to the other person in the room: a drooling figure strapped into a chair, with half of his head missing. The figure is strapped to life support technology and is missing its lower jaw. It is not conscious, let alone capable of speaking#



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