Dark Heresy@Miks

Interlude: On the Road to Elysium

Daemons and Chaos and Warp, oh my!


Code Name: “You’re counting THAT as a mission? Fine… uh, Warp [CENSORED].” – Varl
Location: The Third Requiem
Warband: Arda Erioch, Mennu, Sevens, Uriah ‘Yuri’ Zarkov, Xandra Noctine

Situation: After being stuck in orbit around Bharius while the Deathwatch and the Ecclesiarchy cleanse the planet in preparation for the lifting of the Quarantine, Inquisitor Nuhren jumped at the chance accepted a request to escort two prison ships to Elysium. During the warp voyage, the Gellar fields briefly failed, and a full-blown warp incursion occurred.

Equipment: Normal gear, everything on-board.

Objective Primus: Kill the daemons.

Objective Secundus: Fix the Gellar Field generator.


  • Severan questioned the purpose of writing a mission report for what is apparently, and I quote, “a routine occurrence around here”. I pointed out that writing the report meant that I didn’t have to assist in cleaning up the room full of fleshy, boil-ridden walls and the warped bodies of the armsmen. He then decided to assist, to ensure my first proper report was done correctly. – Tor


The Acolytes were called to the aft of the ship after the Gellar Field in the foresection failed. Several rooms had been taken to the warp and returned turned to flesh and filled with daemons – specifically, daemonettes of Slaanesh and a Herald of Tzeentch. After a bloody and heaving titillating quivering (Note: These are DAEMONS, Tor, not whores. Six breasts does not mean six times the fun. – Severan) visceral combat, the daemonettes fell, followed by the Herald, and the Acolytes managed to restart the Gellar Field with minimal extra casualties.

Objective Primus Status: COMPLETED. Daemons were killed in spectacular fashion, and the ship is being cleansed from their taint.

Objective Secundus Status: COMPLETED. Sevens managed to get the generator restarted with no real problems, to the chagrin of the Enginseer in that quarter. Said Enginseer’s head shortly exploded and he was… dealt with… by Sevens.




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